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This page is dedicated to my passion related to 8-bit Atari computers. Thanks to my parents, in the late 80’s I had a very rare opportunity (as for Poland) to get in touch with Atari computers being only 9 years old. My father bought me Atari 65XE computer as a present for the first communion. I remember it costed 128US dollars what was quite expensive in these days in Poland the time right before the fall down of the communism.

The computer was equipped with XC12 tape recorder that was used to load and play games. First years I obviously spent on playing the very famous River Raid, Boulder Dash, M.U.L.E., Zybex, Draconus, to name a few. Later on, I started to use ATARI to learn programming. Firstly I proceeded with the build-in BASIC interpreter and then moved to the 6502 assembler language, writing some small programs and learning the basics of machine language. However, most of my time in the later times between 1994 and 2000 I dedicated to the polish atari computer demoscene. You can also read about the demoscene in general in this wonderful FAQ.

These times (1994-1998) the Atari demoscene in Poland, similarly to C64 demoscene, were rapidly expanding. New computer groups were created, many copy-parties were organized. After a few months being a freelancer, I joing the newly created group Taquart as a musician.

Throughout next years, Taquart created a couple of nice demos and other scene productions. These days I used to create soundtracks to some of them, including the first Taquart demo called “Back to life”, presented at Orneta 1995 copy party:

back to life demo for Atari 8-bit

In the following years, we (as a group) created a couple of smaller productions (mostly intros) and a few demos including “Ultra”, presented at the Intel Outside IV multicomputer party in Włocławek in 1997 (quite a lof of parts of the demo were written at the party place, therefore there was not time to correct it and make a reasonable design):

Atari XL/XE - Ultra (demo)

A few years later I created my first demo called “Cogito”. This one was presented in 1999 at the copy-party in Opalenica, Poland. The demo was nearly entirely coded by myself, with the graphics created by Ars/AIDS and Slaves/Taquart and small chunks of code by Jaskier/Taquart:

cogito demo for Atari 8-bit

The soudtrack from the demo were presented in Voice of Silence V “Cogito” soundtrack (see below). At this time, I was already in two other groups called AIDS and BIT BUSTERS. One demo that I like quite a lot from this years is “Base 33”:

Atari XL/XE - Base 33 (demo)

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