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Research Projects

St1 Deep Heat project

Between 2017 and 2020 I was involved in development, implementation and operation of the near-realtime processing software fastloc.REEL and fastloc.REEL-AI to analyze data from two hydraulic stimulations performed in Espoo, Finland, in the framework of the St1 Deep Heat project. This page provide overview of the design, implementation and outcomes from this work.

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Studies of The Geysers geothermal field

This page provide information on our studies of induced seismicity using data from The Geysers geothermal field in California. The Geysers geothermal field represents a unique site for analysis of induced seismicity due to high seismic activity and extremely good seismic network. We performed numerous studies of induced microseismicity field-wide, and focus our attention and distinct cluster of seismic activity associated  with injection of fluids into wells Prati-9 and Prati-29.

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JAGUARS Research project

The study of faulting and rupture processes requires direct observations. In the Earth crust deep mines provide a unique opportunity for this purpose by giving access to the focal depth of earthquakes. To investigate the physics of earthquakes and link laboratory and seismological observations, the JAGUARS (Japanese-German Acoustic Emission Research in South Africa) Working Group was established. The JAGUARS project continuously monitored pico- and nanoseismic activity at 3.5km depth in Mponeng deep gold mine in the Republic of South Africa.

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GEISER Research project

The GEISER project stands for Geothermal Engineering Integrating Mitigation of Induced Seismicity in Reservoirs. It started at the beginning of the 2010 after successful contract negotiations with the European Commission. EC funding of € 5.3 Mio was granted for 3.5 years. The project addressed several of the major challenges the development of geothermal energy is facing, including the mitigation of induced seismicity to an acceptable level.

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