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Update 3.8.1 to foci software package

New version (3.8.1) of foci software package has been released recent week. This version brings some new features that will be developed in next months:

– Introduction of inelastic attenuation correction in calculation of full seismic moment tensor.
– Multiple corrections to preferences window.
– Introduction of foci package into github version control system
– Code cleanup.

The polish version of foci website has been also rearranged and refurbished. This is the first step to translate this page into english.

New version of RISK (2.10.1)

I just created a new version of RISK. The list of changes is short and includes some new features related to the new database – seismic catalog – used in Rudna Copper mine in Poland:

  • Additional columns for seismic activity, cumulated seismic activity and seismic activity in zones plots.
  • Corrections to plotting routines
  • Updated graph editor

Download here:

[download id=”12″ format=”2″]