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MSATSI – MATLAB package for stress tensor inversion

MSATSI is a MATLAB software package that allows performing the stress inversion using earthquake focal mechanisms. MSATSI is based on the C library SATSI created by Hardebeck and Michael (2006) ( MSATSI provides a framework for calculating the deviatioric stress tensor together with its uncertainties using bootstrap resampling method. It also allows displaying the stress inversion results using a variety of plots.

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hybridMT – MATLAB package for moment tensor inversion and refinement

hybridMT is the seismic moment tensor inversion and refinement software package designed for MATLAB/shell environment.

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fociMT – Moment tensor inversion software

focimt is the stand-alone command line application for seismic moment tensor inversion in time domain that is optimized for local-to-regional applications and seismic networks. The application is an integral part of hybridMT package.

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FOCI (Windows GUI application)

FOCI is the stand-alone Windows GUI application for performing the seismic moment tensor inversion and source parameters assessment optimized for using local-to-regional applications and seismic networks.

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DXFLib - MATLAB library for creating 3D DXF files

DXFLib – MATLAB>DXF library

DXFLib is a library written in MATLAB that allows to create simple AutoCAD DXF files. Autocad DXF is a popular file format that can be interpreted in many CAD-related applications. AutoCAD DXF can be also converted to a PDF file containing 3D geometry using any 3D printer driver (for example the one bundled in the free Bentley View application).

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