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Chiptune Downloads

Besides typical scene activity described here, I created six music collections. All of  them starts with a common title “Voice of Silence” followed by different subtitles. All music collections were created between 1995 and 2000. The last (sixth) music collection called “Expectancy” was the only one that was composed with MIDI SEQUENCER, the program that was capable to connect Atari XE/XL series computers with keyboards using MIDI OUT interface (don’t confuse Atari XE/XL series with ST series!!!). If you want to download original files, please have a look into Complete Music Archive section below. There are dedicated pages for Voice of Silence V: “Cogito” and Voice of Silence VI: “Expectancy” as well.

Complete Music Archive

This archive contains my whole music activity throughout all years. It contains my music in native Atari formats such as CMC, DMC, MPT, TMC, TM8. It also contains all six “Voice of Silence” music collections in original formats (the 6th collection designed with Midi Sequencer is available in native SEQ format). Besides, all songs have are available in SAP (Slight Atari Player) format that allows you to listen to my songs using third-party software, such as ASAP player, available for many platforms. The complete list of songs you can find also in ASMA archive.

Archive contains music I made with 8-bit Atari computer equipped with Stereo extension. The archive contains original source files that you could open with Atari 8-bit trackers such as Chaos Music Composer (CMC), MPT or TMC, as well as SAP files that you can listen on a modern computers.

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SoundCloud account

My SoundCloud account contains some of my chiptunes I rendered into the MP3 format. They are freely available under Creative Commonts license. Below I provide direct access to selected soundcloud tracks. Note that the entire Voice of Silence V: “Cogito” music collection had been converted to MP3 as well and is available at separate page, or through the dedicated soundcloud playlist.

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