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  • Kwiatek, G., P. Martínez-Garzón, T. Goebel, M. Bohnhoff, Y. Ben-Zion, and G. Dresen (2024). Intermittent Criticality Multi-Scale Processes Leading to Large Slip Events on Rough Laboratory Faults, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 129, no. 3, e2023JB028411, DOI: 10.1029/2023JB028411. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ] [ Data publication ]
  • Karimpouli, S., G. Kwiatek, P. Martínez-Garzón, G. Dresen, and M. Bohnhoff (2024). Unsupervised clustering of catalog-driven features for characterizing temporal evolution of labquake stress, Geophysical Journal International ggae071, DOI” 10.1093/gji/ggae071. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ]
  • Kwiatek, G., I. Grigoratos and S. Wiemer (2023). Variability of seismicity rates and maximum magnitude for adjacent hydraulic stimulations ( submitted to SRL)
  • Wang, L., G. Kwiatek, F. Renard, S. Guérin-Marthe, E. Rybacki, M. Bohnhoff, M. Naumann, and G. Dresen (2024). Fault roughness controls injection-induced seismicity, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121, no. 3, e2310039121, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2310039121. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ]
  • Wang, L., G. Kwiatek, M. Bohnhoff, E. Rybacki, and G. Dresen (2024). Injection-induced fault slip and associated seismicity in the lab: Insights from source mechanisms, local stress states and fault geometry, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 626, 118515, DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118515. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ]


  1. Kwiatek, G., P. Martínez-Garzón, D. Becker, G. Dresen, F. Cotton, G. C. Beroza, D. Acarel, S. Ergintav, and M. Bohnhoff (2023). Months-long seismicity transients preceding the 2023 MW 7.8 Kahramanmaraş earthquake, Türkiye. Nature Communications 14, 7534, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-42419-8. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ]
  2. Karimpouli, S., D. Caus, H. Grover, P. Martínez-Garzón, M. Bohnhoff, G. C. Beroza, G. Dresen, T. Goebel, T. Weigel, and G. Kwiatek (2023). Explainable machine learning for labquake prediction using catalog-driven features. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 622, 118383, DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118383. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access Article ]
  3. Amemoutou, A., Martínez-Garzón, P., Durand, V., Kwiatek, G., Bohnhoff, M., & Dresen, G. (2023). Spatio-temporal variations of seismic coupling along a transform fault: The western North Anatolian Fault Zone. Geophysical Journal International, 235(2), 1982–1995. DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggad341. [ Article Page ]
  4. Martínez-Garzón, P., D. Becker, J. Jara, X. Chen, G. Kwiatek, and M. Bohnhoff (2023). The 2022 MW 6.0 Gölyaka–Düzce earthquake: an example of a medium-sized earthquake in a fault zone early in its seismic cycle. Solid Earth 14, 1103–1121, DOI: 10.5194/se-14-1103-2023. [ Article Page ] [ Download article ]
  5. Patton, A., T. Goebel, G. Kwiatek, and J. Davidsen (2023). Large-scale heterogeneities can alter the characteristics of compressive failure and accelerated seismic release, Phys. Rev. E 108, no. 1, 014131, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.108.014131. [ Article Page ]
  6. Roselli, P., L. Improta, G. Kwiatek, P. Martínez-Garzón, G. Saccorotti, and A. M. Lombardi (2023). Source mechanisms and induced seismicity in the Val d’Agri Basin (Italy), Geophysical Journal International 234, no. 3, 1617–1627, DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggad155. [ Article Page ]
  7. Boese, C. M., G. Kwiatek, K. Plenkers, T. Fischer, and G. Dresen (2023). Performance Evaluation of AE Sensors Installed Like Hydrophones in Adaptive Monitoring Networks During a Decametre-Scale Hydraulic Stimulation Experiment, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, DOI: 10.1007/s00603-023-03418-9. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ]
  8. Guérin-Marthe, S., G. Kwiatek, L. Wang, A. Bonnelye, P. Martínez-Garzón, and G. Dresen (2023). Preparatory Slip in Laboratory Faults: Effects of Roughness and Load Point Velocity, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 128, no. 4, e2022JB025511, DOI: 10.1029/2022JB025511. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ] [ Link to data publication ]
  9. Bonnelye, A., P. Dick, M. Bohnhoff, F. Cotton, R. Giese, J. Henninges, D. Jougnot, G. Kwiatek, and S. Lüth (2023). CHENILLE: Coupled Behavior Understanding of Faults: from the Laboratory to the Field, Adv. Geosci. 58, 177–188, DOI: 10.5194/adgeo-58-177-2023. [ Article Page ]
  10. Holmgren, J. M., G. Kwiatek, and M. J. Werner (2023). Nonsystematic Rupture Directivity of Geothermal Energy Induced Microseismicity in Helsinki, Finland, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 128, no. 3, e2022JB025226, DOI: 10.1029/2022JB025226. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ] [ Link to data publication ]
  11. Blanke, A., C. M. Boese, G. Dresen, M. Bohnhoff, and G. Kwiatek (2023). Metre-scale damage zone characterization using S-coda waves from active ultrasonic transmission measurements in the STIMTEC project, URL Reiche Zeche, Germany, Geophysical Journal International 233, no. 2, 1339–1355, DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggad003. [ Article Page ] [ Link to data publication ]
  12. Ji, Y., L. Wang, H. Hofmann, G. Kwiatek, and G. Dresen (2022). High-Rate Fluid Injection Reduces the Nucleation Length of Laboratory Earthquakes on Critically Stressed Faults in Granite, Geophysical Research Letters 49, no. 23, e2022GL100418, DOI: 10.1029/2022GL100418. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ]
  13. Schuster, V., E. Rybacki, A. Bonnelye, G. Kwiatek, A. M. Schleicher, and G. Dresen (2022). Strain Partitioning and Frictional Behavior of Opalinus Clay During Fault Reactivation, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, DOI 10.1007/s00603-022-03129-7. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ]
  14. Kwiatek, G., P. Martínez-Garzón, J. Davidsen, P. Malin, A. Karjalainen, M. Bohnhoff, and G. Dresen (2022). Limited Earthquake Interaction During a Geothermal Hydraulic Stimulation in Helsinki, Finland, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 127, no. 9, e2022JB024354, DOI: 10.1029/2022JB024354. [ Article Page ] [ Download open-access article ] [ Link to data publication ]
  15. Durand, V., A. Gualandi, S. Ergintav, G. Kwiatek, M. Haghshenas, M. Motagh, G. Dresen, and P. Martínez-Garzón (2022). Deciphering aseismic deformation along submarine fault branches below the eastern Sea of Marmara (Turkey): Insights from seismicity, strainmeter, and GNSS data, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 594, 117702, DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2022.117702. [ Article Page ]
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