Why I get error message on “incorrect expression or statement” when running drawhudsonnet.m or drawstereonet.m?

If you get error similar to this:

>> drawhudsonnet;
??? Error: File: drawhudsonnet.m Line: 119 Column: 3
Expression or statement is incorrect--possibly unbalanced (, {, or [.

it is likely due to the fact that your version of MATLAB does not support empty output arguments that are specified in MATLAB as “~” (tilde character). If possible, please update your MATLAB to the newest version that handles empty output arguments. Alternatively, please change every null output variable “~” to any valid and not used variable name, e.g. “dummy”:

[~,DD] = eig(M);


[dummy,DD] = eig(M);

This problem will be resolved in future version of hybridMT.