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Radiation pattern of shear-tensile faults on Matlab File Exchange

While writing a paper to Journal of Geophysical Research on S-to-P radiated energy ratio from shear-tensile events I created a number of MATLAB functions related to the methodology presented inside. One of the routines, rpgen.m, I just uploaded to MATLAB file exchange. This function calculates P, S, SH and SV radiation pattern from shear-tensile fault at certain takeoff angle and azimuth of observation. The fault itself is parameterized by strike, dip, rake, tensile angle and Poisson’s ratio.

Link: RPGEN.M – Matlab File Exchange.

New version of RISK (2.10.1)

I just created a new version of RISK. The list of changes is short and includes some new features related to the new database – seismic catalog – used in Rudna Copper mine in Poland:

  • Additional columns for seismic activity, cumulated seismic activity and seismic activity in zones plots.
  • Corrections to plotting routines
  • Updated graph editor

Download here:

[download id=”12″ format=”2″]