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Paper on CHENILLE project

Audrey Bonnelye and others (including myself) published a manuscript on a new project in Underground Laboratory in Tournemire (France). The CHENILLE project’s overarching goal is to gain a better understanding of the physical processes brought on by thermal and hydraulic loading in a tiny fault zone in a highly cemented shale formation. Therefore, in the Tournemire/France Underground Research Laboratory, a thermally controlled in-situ fluid injection experiment will be conducted on a strike-slip fault zone outcropping (URL). The injection will be monitored with active and passive methods including ultrasonic transmission, acoustic emission, broadband seismic, distributed acoustic and temperature sensing.


Bonnelye, A., P. Dick, M. Bohnhoff, F. Cotton, R. Giese, J. Henninges, D. Jougnot, G. Kwiatek, and S. Lüth (2023). CHENILLE: Coupled Behavior Understanding of Faults: from the Laboratory to the Field, Adv. Geosci. 58, 177–188, DOI: 10.5194/adgeo-58-177-2023. [ Article Page ]

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